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Learn how to bring automated security to your workspace, farm, warehouse, or production center. In this E-book, you'll get:

     ·   Introduction to the core technologies

     ·   Case studies and real-world applications

     ·   Deep dive into security robots

     ·   Guide to building your security strategy

     ·   Glimpse of the security industry 10 years from now

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Automated Security E-Book

Understand the technology

This e-book will make you a subject matter expert on the technologies that drive automated security. You'll understand key terms, applications, and future trends.

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Identify the applications

Once you've mastered the technology, let's explore how it lives in the real world. See proven use cases for security robots, video analytics, and more.


Build your strategy

Revolutionize security for your team. Cut costs, improve performance, and protect your business. This e-book will provide a security audit, steps to building a security strategy, and insights around deterrents.

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What can automated security do for your business? Learn how you can have a security system that manages itself and drastically reduces your security spending, all while keeping your property protected.

Automation is revolutionizing security. These industries are the earliest adopters:

     ·   Medical device manufacturers

     ·   Marijuana farms and cultivation centers

     ·   Computer hardware manufacturers

     ·   Storage and warehouse facilities

     ·   Logistics centers

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